Skin Cancer Reconstruction

The Problem

Dealing with a skin cancer can be a very stressful experience. When the cancer is on the face, it may pose serious functional and cosmetic issues. Facial skin cancers are frequently removed in a special procedure called Mohs Surgery. Repairing these resulting defects may require a Facial Plastic Surgeon.

nose-ala-reconstruction---before nose-ala-reconstruction-after

Dr. Ondik: Nasal reconstruction with cartilage graft and cheek flap


nose-tip-forehead-before nose-tip-forehead-after

Dr. Ondik: Nasal reconstruction with cartilage graft and forehead flap


ear-reconstruction-before  ear-reconstruction-after

Dr. Ondik: Ear reconstruction using local skin flap


nose-sidewall-before nose-sidewall-after

Dr. Ondik: Reconstruction using local skin flap


scalp-repair-before scalp-repair-after

Dr. Ondik: Scalp reconstruction using local skin flap

The Procedure

Dr. Ondik is a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and has extensive experience in repairing all areas of the face, including total nasal reconstruction. Dr. Ondik will coordinate with your Dermatologist or Mohs Surgeon to repair the resulting skin cancer defect. He will spend time explaining the repair options. Each skin cancer repair is carefully chosen to restore the function of the facial component and ensure the most cosmetically superior result. Primary closure, skin grafts, local flaps, and regional flaps are the most common methods of repair. The procedure is typically done in the office under local anesthesia, however, larger repairs may require a hospital or ambulatory surgery center.