5 Ways to Prevent Nosebleeds this Winter

winter photo (1)Fall is officially over and winter is here! With this change comes cold weather, chilly winds, and less humid air which means it’s the season of nosebleeds. Nosebleeds, also known as epistaxis, are most commonly caused by dry air. Nosebleeds occur when the blood vessels that line the inside of your nose break and bleed. Therefore, it’s important to keep the inside of your nose moist. Here are 5 helpful tips to prevent nosebleeds during this holiday season!

  1. Humidifier: Purchase a small humidifier to moisturize the air and your nasal membranes while you sleep. You can also use it during the day. Be sure to clean it regularly so mold and bacteria doesn’t grow.
  2. Saline nasal spray: Spray 2-3 squirts of saline spray in each nostril multiple times per day to keep the nasal mucosa moist. Examples of brands include Ocean, Deep Sea.
  3. Don’t pick your nose: Any picking or scratching of the nose can cause irritation to the mucosa and rupture a blood vessel, leading to a nosebleed. It could be helpful to trim your nails in case you accidentally scratch your nasal mucosa.
  4. Saline Gel: In addition to saline spray, nasal gels can also help keep your nasal mucosa moist. Examples of brands include Ayr, Rhinase
  5. Use nasal sprays correctly: Prescription nasal sprays can cause dryness when sprayed towards the septum (middle of the nose). This can increase your risk of nosebleeds. It’s important to use your right hand to spray in your left nostril and your left hand to spray in your right nostril. 

Our office is always here to help! If you have any additional questions or concerns or if you are struggling to deal with nosebleeds this winter, call our office to schedule an appointment.