New Allergy Tablets for Grass and Ragweed Sufferers

An effective way to treat seasonal grass or ragweed allergy. This is a convenient option for patients who are not able to commit to weekly allergy shots, patients who have a needle phobia, or patients who suffer from seasonal allergies due to grass or ragweed. A rapidly dissolving tablet is placed under the tongue every day in order to reduce allergic symptoms. Therapy should start around January for grass, and May for ragweed, and should be continued throughout the season. The first tablet is given in the office and the patient is observed for 30 minutes. A prescription is given for the grass tablets to be taken at home. Grastek is approved to treat children 5 years and older; Oralair is approved for ages 10-65 years old; Ragwitek is approved for adults 18-65 years old.